4 Habits to building a Solid Mindset

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In my previous article,The Art of Selling, I have mentioned that in order to be successful in selling and influencing, you must have a solid mindset.

It is the ability to having a positive attitude, and consciously controlling your thoughts and words. Hence you must consistently practice the following daily habits:

1- Positive affirmation: What comes out of your mouth comes in to your life — said Jen Sincero. Make sure you always choose positive words that reflect your current situation and project on to what you are aiming to become. Never Complain, Be Grateful!

2- Thoughts: Your thoughts inspire your reality and what you think you become. Once mixed with emotions can create feelings, thus it is solely up to you whether you want to feel great or not. Thinking on what you want to become, what you want to learn and how you want to excel is vital.

3- Being focused: By setting goals you can direct your thoughts toward one thing and avoid distractions along the way. Setting goals is a process that requires a clarity and peace of mind, and can be done for short term and long term. Each day must have its own goals and plans, don’t waste it planning another day.

4- Reward yourself: Celebrate every single achievement and result, and take a break. It could be by disconnecting yourself from … Hold on! In fact, it is reconnecting with your true-self and do whatever makes your heart sings.

Don’t forget to clap before you go…

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Firas Saab

Firas Saab is an enthusiastic trainer with more than a decade in the retail and optical industry and loves to share his experience and help others to succeed in selling. He has recently acquired HND in Business and Management in addition to his Optical qualifications despite the work responsibilities; he believes in no excuses to succeed. Firas is an energetic speaker with merit in Toastmasters International. Before being a training manager, Firas has occupied different positions that helped him to create a guideline for a Successful Team & helped built a Leadership course that can help potential people to unlock their capabilities to achieve and inspire.

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