Have no Excuses . . .

Have no excuses and start today.

Have you done your resolution for the year? Do you have a vision on where you want to be in one year from now! If yes, do you have a written plan and a roadmap right on the table! If no, get ready for a simple yet a powerful way to be prepared for the year ahead.

If you want to have things done, then don’t procrastinate. There is no later, there is only NOW.

Let’s make a change, let’s be realistic, you give it a try . . .

First get yourself a pen and a sheet of paper and be ready… it doesn’t need to be well arranged, just start writing! However, you need to make sure you are in a good state so you can easily connect to you inner-self and bring out what really matters!

Write three things that you would like to achieve this year, only three things and be specific; one goal is to invest in yourself, the other is to excel on what you are doing now, and the third one is on your lifelong vision. It doesn’t need to be perfectly crafted, actually it is going to be as a draft and can be updated and modified as you are moving on.

If it is already created, Well done.

Having your goals written is not going to help you as an external storage only, which is very useful since you can post them anywhere you want (At the fridge, your car, or your office, etc.), it helps develop better memory for things you have generated yourself.

Great! You’ve got yourself three goals to achieve. Now the question is: How much Time, Energy and Money are you willing to invest in order to get these goals accomplished? Consider the answer is part of the planning.

Planning your goals is the core of the process. On the same paper and under each goal, answer these questions:

  1. Why: Why you need to achieve this particular goal?
  2. How: How you will do that?
  3. Who: Who will support you, friends, partner, etc.
  4. When: When it will be achieved? Be specific.
  5. Where: Where do you see yourself? etc.

Next is to visualize yourself there, imagine yourself enjoying and celebrating these accomplishments. As per the neuroscience studies, if you can vividly describe or picture your goals, you are more likely to successfully achieve them. Believe that you can do it.

Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.

– Henry Ford

Back to paper, when you have all above written, you have activated the law of attraction. Believe or not, you will start to see magic.

The final step is taking an action. Action is the most important part of the process. It is easy to imagine, think and wish but acting upon your intention requires a strong mindset, otherwise you might find hundred of excuses to not move, to not continue reading this article even. The majority of you, no matter how good they are in setting goals, they will drop their plans right in the first month if you don’t act immediately.

I have come up with this technique after many practices over the last ten years and it worked like a magic for me. If it works for me, it can work for you.

I think, I believe, I act and I shall receive…

Published by

Firas Saab

Firas Saab is an enthusiastic trainer with more than a decade in the retail and optical industry and loves to share his experience and help others to succeed in selling. He has recently acquired HND in Business and Management in addition to his Optical qualifications despite the work responsibilities; he believes in no excuses to succeed. Firas is an energetic speaker with merit in Toastmasters International. Before being a training manager, Firas has occupied different positions that helped him to create a guideline for a Successful Team & helped built a Leadership course that can help potential people to unlock their capabilities to achieve and inspire.

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