The Survivors of the 21st . .

We have capabilities beyond imagination. We have an imagination that no other creature can claim. We are in the 21st century, yet we are locked in the past and we are unable to see the bright side of the future due to our limitations. We are spoiled and we lost our true identity. We are trapped in the daily rat race in a way that we don’t see anymore new possibilities.

During this unprecedented time, I see individuals, companies, and countries are struggling and some others are unfortunately suffering. The system has failed us and the robotic way of thinking is no longer serving us. It might be a wake-up call to do things differently. Ultimately, we must regain our full self-control.

We are born survivors and with necessary qualities to overcome any crisis. The Mankind has witnessed different pandemics, world-wars, and extreme environmental conditions since hundred thousands of years. We have evolved and we have adapted to new situations. We always strive to protect our existence and we will come stronger and continue to thrive.

We are survivors from the moment of diagnosis.

Peter Jennings

So here are few things I have personally practiced to stay physically and mentally fit, thought might be with good benefits to you as well:

  1. Mental & Physical health. Don’t panic all you need to do is to stay Positive, Healthy, and Safe.
  2. Deal with your internal challenges before you look at the outer part. Discover your inner-self.
  3. Be open and adaptable to any change. Change is inevitable and became an essential part of your life.
  4. Acquire new skills. Keep learning and improving. Live & Learn.
  5. Working together. Connect to group of people who empowers you and celebrates your achievements. Disconnect from the negative ones.
  6. Master the technology. Adopt new habits related to online presence, be part or build your new community.
  7. Practice Leadership skills: Have a Vision & Mission. Do risk assessment, predict future possible opportunities and build a powerful scenarios and plans.
  8. Financial education. Money not evil, Money matters.
  9. New thinking pattern. Think, create and grow rich.
  10. Use your survivor skills. Less is more and simple is better. Resourcefulness is a fundamental element for any survivor.

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Published by

Firas Saab

Firas Saab is an enthusiastic trainer with more than a decade in the retail and optical industry and loves to share his experience and help others to succeed in selling. He has recently acquired HND in Business and Management in addition to his Optical qualifications despite the work responsibilities; he believes in no excuses to succeed. Firas is an energetic speaker with merit in Toastmasters International. Before being a training manager, Firas has occupied different positions that helped him to create a guideline for a Successful Team & helped built a Leadership course that can help potential people to unlock their capabilities to achieve and inspire.

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